Players’ Pledge

Pledge of Each Participating Student (K-12)

  1. I will work on fundamentals twice weekly for two hours each practice.
  2. I will understand and execute my role as a team member.
  3. I will participate in five soccer play dates in the local market.
  4. I will play in one tournament each season I am eligible.
  5. The season will run 10 weeks, and I will be at practices as well as game play, and other special art and service activities with our senior partners.

Expectations for Parents

  1. Provide water and/or Gatorade at each practice for the team on a rotating basis.
  2. Bring fruit or fruit snacks to practices and games for students.
  3. Read and understand the rotation schedule.
  4. Purchase a soccer ball, size 4, for home practice for their student.
  5. Provide shin guards for their student.
  6. Provide a copy of their student’s birth certificate.