Our Values

Service and Volunteerism

The programs of Generation Connect, including the Pewee Valley Futbol Club, seek to find service opportunities and instill volunteerism in its members.

Committed Partnership

The Generation Connect foundation, and especially the Pewee Valley Futbol Club, fosters relationships with the institutional partners committed to the mission, values and goals of the program.

Importance of Relationships

Generation Connect and its Pewee Valley Futbol Club, promote the development of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between senior mentors and young people.


Schools and students participating in our programs are accountable to our program guidelines updated each quarter, and pledge to uphold the standards of the programs

Positive Impact

This program set is designed to create positive impact for the students, their families, the senior mentors, the schools, and the surrounding community.

Meeting Needs

Our foundation and the Pewee Valley Futbol Club provide opportunities to build personal relationships with people in need while defraying the cost of higher education.

For our senior mentors, Pewee Valley Futbol Club offers the ability to connect with a student and the opportunity to share life experiences and provide educational direction.

For schools, Pewee Valley Futbol Club offers the ability to connect students with a diverse and empowering experience, giving them the opportunity to strengthen the student body as a whole.