Q: How do I enroll my child in the Pewee Valley Futbol Club for the Fall 2016?
A: Just download the application from the bottom of this page, as well as the waiver online and email it to pvfc@yahoo.com

Q: Are there associated expenses for the parent of the player during the season?
A: The initial base membership fee for the league covers the student uniform, a minimum of six season games, all practices and the referee for all our season’s games. There should be no additional expenses for the parents once the season begins.

Q: How long is the season and how many seasons are there each year? Can a student participate in the same year in more than one season?
A: Yes, a student can participate in multiple seasons in his/her age range. There is generally a spring and a fall season each year.

Q: How does my child qualify for a scholarship?
A: Every child will have the opportunity to qualify for the potential scholarship as long as they participate 100% in the soccer season and the requirements of the inter-generational program.

Q: What are the requirements for each student in terms of practice and participation at the Friendship Health & Rehab facility? Are the practices, prayer sessions, and intergenerational sessions mandatory for game play?
A: We expect each participant to sign our pledge of participation and be 100% committed to the soccer season as well as the intergenerational relationships. We believe that each participant should have the initiative to be fully invested in improving their relationship with God, working on their athletic performance, and contributing to the intergenerational program. In this club, all participants are expected to balance all three of these commitments.

Q: Who are some of the teams we play in the season?
A: We play other clubs in the area and region. And, we will play other teams within our club.

Q: Does every student play during the season?
A: As the PVFC, we are committed to growing your child in a faith-based program, athletically, and socially. And because of this commitment — all children will be given the opportunity to apply their skills religiously, athletically and socially equally.

Q: What are some of the key types of intergenerational activities upcoming at the Friendship Health & Rehab facility this year?
A: Some of the key types of activities used are as follows: puzzles, coloring, painting, singing, art and playing volleyball.

Q: What types of paperwork are necessary to participate as a member of the Pewee Valley Futbol Club for the student?
A: Paperwork includes your application, parental permissions, an optional photo release form, and a standard waiver. All of these items are required to be submitted with the base membership fee.

Q: What are the team colors and does each student wear a team uniform for game play?
A: Our primary team colors are purple and white. Our secondary colors are black and silver.

Required Forms

Pewee Valley Futbol Club Releases

Pewee Valley Futbol Club Photo Release